The Cursed Wife Harem - Chapter 9 - TheDarkDemangel - 呪術廻戦 (2024)

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Luna letting Sukuna closer to her than he was before was a shock to Umi and Bara. She still kept him at a distance, but it wasn’t nearly as prickly as when she first came here. They feared the idea of her becoming some monstrous sorcerer with no source of passion for the living, or worse, the three of them.

Umi would normally see this from a logistical standpoint, but after how she reacted from the truth of her soul’s past, she had to see the emotions behind it. For almost her entire life, Luna’s never allowed herself to express emotions in front of anyone. Now she was being given the chance and the environment to do the opposite of what she taught herself to do.

Bara was also wondering the same thing, but she was more defensive about it. Giving into someone like Sukuna always ended in something going horribly wrong after the fact. His trust had a price or meant nothing at all. She had to be the strength for the others if Luna was slowly succumbing to his mind tricks.

“Mind tricks?” came a familiar deep voice. The red head jumped and threw hands on sight. Sukuna dodged all her attempts and stepped back. “What’s with that response? It’s only me.”

“That’s a valid response for someone like you,” she huffed. “What do you want?”

“To talk to you. The three of you have been avoiding me since you got here. I have to approach you in order to get your attention.”

“Well duh, you’re kind of holding us hostage here. How should I react to you?”

“With adoration.” A co*cky grin spread across his face, accompanied by him leaning into her face with both hands behind his back. An urge rose in her heart demanding that she punch that smile off his face.

“I’ll give you adoration when my heart isn’t dryer than the desert for someone incapable of honest love.”

He tilted his head and shook it with a co*cky, sideways frown. Taunted by a god. Of course that would befall someone like Bara. Something about the way he smiled, however, was adorable to her.

She had to slap herself, mentally of course. What was she thinking? Blood murderers with no sense of morality and anything other than selfishness weren’t adorable. Not even in the [many] visual novels she definitely didn’t read did she \stop to think men who murder for their own gain or sanity were attractive.

Sensing her internal distress by the way her eyebrow twitched, Sukuna slipped behind her and threw an arm over her shoulders, like some friend he already planned to mess with. This was rewarded with disapproving hisses and low growls of warning.

“Come on, Bara,” he cooed, desperately. “Work with me here. You’re not leaving, that you’re right about. But that doesn't mean you need to make this a hostage situation.”

The red head sighed in disinterest. “Alright, smartwiz, tell me how I should view this.”

“See this as an opportunity to grow. You’ve been forced to maintain the same standard since the day you were brought into the sorcery world, maybe even before then. You’re not a part of their world anymore. You don’t have to be that way anymore.”

Originally, her plan was to keep up the front of not giving a sh*t to someone who could never earn her respect. She wasn’t going to listen to him when she was bound not to get a single word against him through his thick skull. But she did, she listened and was glad she had.

Everything she knew came from the elders, despite her growing up in the non–sorcerer world with parents who saw the same thing she did, but didn’t care how it affected their child. Taken in by the sorcerer world as a teenager didn’t help. If anything, it made her a little worse.

“It’s the only way to survive,” she admitted, echoing back the words the elders instilled in her during her training. “Everyone’s out to get you and acting nice never gets the job done.”

“How long have they told you that?”

She finally met his many red eyes, but mainly the tw on the left side of his face. There, there was the glimmer Luna had told her about. He was genuine with his words when it came to digging deep within someone. Bara wondered how much of that applied to his previous vessel Itadori.

A hand reached out to cup her cheek. She hissed and stepped back out of reflex, but when she saw what he was trying to do, she carefully leaned into his chest. His thumb was gentle as it stroked her cheek like it was a delicate bird. His eyes never left hers throughout it all. He was serious about this, despite his . . . everything.

“No more lashing out with thorns, my sweet rose,” he whispered as she nearly purred with content from his gentle touch. “Let the softness of your petals show.”

A gentle breeze picked up the flower petals that had fallen from nearby trees. Water from the river trickled down rocks in the distance. Everything was tranquil, calm.

Then ruined slightly by Bara biting down on Sukuna’s hand. He hissed to avoid yelping out in pain and retracted his hand. She smiled at his controlled display of pain.

“And what was that for,” he asked.

She smiled playfully and leaned on one hip. “Just because you found the start of the maze doesn’t mean I’ll make it easy for you to get to the finish.”

The woman walked away with a small proud smile on her face. What she didn’t see but knew was there was the playful smile that crossed Sukuna’s lips.

“For such a thorny rose, her petals are softer than the silkiest fabric.”

The Cursed Wife Harem - Chapter 9 - TheDarkDemangel - 呪術廻戦 (2024)


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