DayZ Standalone Server Hosting (2024)

What is DayZ server hosting?

DayZ game server hosting is like renting your own digital playground for the zombie apocalypse game, DayZ. Imagine you and your friends love playing DayZ, a survival game where you're trying to live through a world overrun by zombies, but you want your own space to play in, with your rules and settings.

Here's the deal with game server hosting:

  1. Your Own Server from GTXGaming: It’s like having your own dedicated space on the internet where your DayZ game lives. You don't share it with strangers unless you want to. It’s your world, your rules.

  2. Control the Game: You get to decide who joins, what the rules are, and how the game plays out. Want to make it super challenging or a bit easier? It's all up to you.

  3. Play Anytime: Since the server is always online, you and your friends can hop in and play whenever you want. No waiting for a good time; your game is always there, ready to go.
  4. Better Performance: Hosting servers usually have better performance than playing on public servers. That means less lag, smoother gameplay, and a better experience overall.

  5. Mods and Customizations: You can add mods (modifications to the game) to make DayZ even cooler or different from the regular game. Add new items, change the environment, or tweak the zombies!

  6. Learning Experience: Running your own server can be a fun way to learn about technology, like how online gaming works, how to manage a server, and even a bit about coding if you dive into mods.

So, in a nutshell, DayZ game server hosting is your ticket to having a personalized DayZ experience where you're in charge and can create the perfect zombie survival adventure for you and your friends. Cool, right?

Can i rent an Xbox or Playstation DayZ game server?

For DayZ we only support PC game servers right now. We are actively working on getting console hosting. To clarify we do not host Xbox or Playstation DayZ servers.

How do I order? What options do i choose when ordering?

Simply click the order link above and choose your DayZ server options. Here’s a brief explanation of each option and what it means:


This is the maximum number of players your DayZ server can accommodate at one time.


This refers to the physical location of your DayZ game server. Choosing a server location closer to you or your players results in lower latency. Lower latency, also known as ping, is the response time of your game server to your actions in the game. The lower the latency, the better the gaming experience.

Extreme Performance Locations

We offer some extreme performance locations. This means you get a Ryzen 9 7950x CPU for your DayZ server, which is one of the best CPUs available currently. If you're seeking top-tier performance, select an extreme location. Note that if you choose this option, the CPU Clock Speed addon is not necessary.

Memory Allocation

DayZ server hosting can demand a lot of memory, which might be due to the size of the game world or resource-intensive mods. Generally, our lowest memory option is more than sufficient, but for larger game worlds or heavier mod usage, you may want to consider a higher memory limit. Remember, you can always upgrade your memory allocation later. Our control panel allows you to monitor CPU, memory, and hard disk usage in real time and review the past 30 days.

CPU Clock Speed

For our standard locations, we use Ryzen 9 5950x CPUs. We also offer overclocked 5950x CPUs, so with this addon, you can enhance your DayZ server's performance. However, our extreme locations, equipped with the Ryzen 9 7950x, might be a preferable choice for the best overall DayZ gaming experience.

Disk Space

You have the option to upgrade your server's hard disk space if needed. DayZ game servers typically require minimal disk space, so upgrading isn't always necessary. This option is available due to user demand.

CPU Priority

In our shared hosting environment for DayZ servers, multiple servers may be hosted on a single machine. Choosing the CPU priority option gives your DayZ server greater precedence over others on the same machine. This can be crucial for performance, especially during periods of heavy resource usage.

VIP Ticket Priority Support

We offer the option to prioritize your support tickets. We aim to respond to tickets quickly, with 24-hour staff support. During busy times or outages, your ticket will be at the top of our list and addressed first. While this is a luxury addon and not necessary due to our fast response times, it's available for those who want it, with a response time of 1-15 minutes.

What are the pricing plans for DayZ server hosting?

Our pricing plans do change based on currency fluctuations. To check the most recent prices for our DayZ server hosting, simply click the order link above.

Our pricing plans for DayZ server hosting may vary due to changes in currency values. For the latest pricing information, simply click the order link provided above, or click here to view current rates.

How does GTXGaming ensure server stability and uptime?

At GTXGaming, we're all about top-tier quality and killer performance. That's why we rock the latest CPUs, DDR5 memory, and cutting-edge motherboards to ensure our ARK Survival Evolved hosting is top-notch.


We're on top of our game, maintaining our servers during off-peak hours. We handle all the Windows updates, security patches, and system upgrades, making sure your ARK server is running at its best 24/7.

DDoS Protection

Our DDoS protection is elite. We use advanced measures to keep your server safe from even the most complex cyber threats. Attacks are stopped cold before they can even touch your ARK server. In our world, DDoS attacks are ancient history.


We're all about using the most badass server tech out there. This means premium switches, routers, dedicated servers, CAT8 cables, and the latest firewalls. All this gear comes together in our custom gaming network, designed to give you the smoothest, most reliable play with the lowest latency.


For the software side, we're running on the freshest Windows Server, 2022 edition, to keep our ARK servers humming. Our control panel? It's a masterpiece with over 100,000 hours of development, making ARK server management a breeze. Plus, we've got server monitoring software always watching to keep performance maxed. If there's a hiccup in resource usage, we're on it, fast.

DayZ Standalone Server Hosting (2024)


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