Adventure Escape Mysteries - Updates to our popular series! (2024)

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Adventure Escape Mysteries - Updates to our popular series!



I’m Andrew, the founder of Haiku Games. We recently released Adventure Escape Mysteries. In this game, you can play TWO separate adventures. Solve a murder mystery in Trapmaker and cast magical spells in Cursed Crown!

Most people really enjoy the game, and I want to thank everyone who's playing it!

​But we've also received a few emails about the key system that we added. For example, here's one which calls us "money grubbing, bottom feeding developers" :(.

So I wanted to talk about the key system. But before we get there, I want to just point out that we’ve added a lot to Adventure Escape Mysteries. We have two new games you can play for free, and we plan to launch more. We have user accounts so it’s possible for you to play on multiple devices. And we even give more stars in the tutorial, whereas in the past we gave five (or even zero!) stars. There are a lot of great changes “under the hood” as well.

Now onto the key system. It’s true that you’ll have to wait if you play more than two chapters at a time. We looked at the data from our previous games, and it takes around 1.5 hours for each player to complete each chapter. That means if you play our game for 3 hours in a day, you’ll need more keys. I think that’s a lot of gameplay to provide players. You can wait to get the keys, but if you really want to play more right away, you can pay for some keys. Compared to a movie, which in the USA costs around $10-15 for 2 hours of entertainment, I think we provide more than a fair deal.

Why did we add it? Well there are two main reasons. First of all, we talked to some of our friends with their own game companies. They told us when they took keys away from their game, players actually played their game less. It seems that players burned out on their game. By adding keys, we hope we can help people space out Adventure Escape and enjoy all our stories.

Second, people play our game in many ways, and we have a segment of players who never want to reveal a hint or skip a puzzle. But they really love Adventure Escape and some have even tried to donate money to us. We hope these players will purchase some keys and support our company that way.

We’re an indie company and we don’t have any funding from investors. We work with a lot of great peopleall around the world to make Adventure Escape. We have game designers who create the stories and puzzles, artists who draw all the beautiful art, developers who program the gameplay and fix bugs, etc. And of course, all of these people should be paid for their work. Ultimately our goal is to continue making great games for the long run, so adding new features – some free and some paid – is an important part of how we can achieve that.

Happy holidays!



1/2/2019 10:56:20 am

I just want to say I LOVE all of the Haiku games. They are awesome! They are well made and challenging! All of your games have good story lines. Truly my favorite game makers. I look forward to all of your new games! I wasn't too sure about the key system at first however it is NOT a bad idea. Its makes me take a break while I wait on other keys plus it does space it out so that I can enjoy the game play longer. It's still a free game unless you choose to buy more keys to get through the chapters faster. I know you are not money grubbing or bottom feeding developers..... another thing I really like is that you dont go crazy with the ads therefore making the game play more enjoyable. I understand you need to have ads in order to be free. Once again they are FREE games.....Anyways just wanted to say thank you to the staff of Haiku games! Keep the amazing work!


Christy Clark

7/23/2020 06:04:39 am

I agree!!! I’m new to it but it challenges my mind and I feel as though I’m in an actual escape room but can actually experience more dangerous things because it’s not real. Love it.



1/9/2019 09:17:37 am

I've played and finished every single one of your games, including the 2 mysteries games, and love what you guys do! Quality is top notch, which is something I never expect from free games. The stamina system is great and all, but I felt that the limit of 2 keys was too small.. Even increasing to 3 would be great for experienced players who clear chapters quicker than others. Another idea is actually to have an option to pay for no ads or have a paid version for that. Even though they're not super obnoxiously timed, I find that ads do tend to turn off some potential players. Thank you for all your hard work, Haiku Games! Looking forward to more news on the other 2 unreleased mysteries games~



1/28/2020 11:05:18 am

I agree that increasing the key limit would be a huge improvement for people who solve the chapters quicker. I find myself switching to other games when I've used my 2 keys instead of playing more Haiku games. I dont have time to play daily so wish keys could build up over 2 for the days I can play. I love your escape room games just wish you would increase the free key earning limit. I'm fine with waiting for them just make it so max was 5?



1/9/2019 11:11:35 am

Hi! I’m sad to read you’ve had negative feedback! I’ve played all your games and love them. I’m eagerly awaiting the next 2 stories in the latest game, and I didn’t mind the key addition... I only ran out of time a few times and as Susie says in these comments, it gives a good break time if you haven’t had one in a while. I’ve never even considered you ‘money grabbing’ as your awesome games are free, so I don’t get that. Perhaps it’s from folk who are frustrated they can’t finish the games, or jealous at how incredible they are??? Top quality graphics and challenges!! Can’t wait for the next 2 and future games!! Thanks and ignore the negatives guys, you rock!!!



1/9/2019 01:08:20 pm

I’ve always loved Haiku Games. You guys do a wonderful job with each and every game you make. I’ll admit I wasn’t thrilled with the key system at first, because I’m a very impatient person and love playing the games, but I got over it. I slowed down a bit and appreciate it more. I’ve played every Haiku game, and I’ll continue to do so. You’re great creators, and any time I’ve had an issue you’ve been extremely helpful. Keep being your awesome selves and making wonderful games.

By the way, I’m super excited to see where the trapmaker series is going!



1/9/2019 01:30:35 pm

I absolutely love Haiku games and I’ve played every single one of them. I am definitely one of those players who refuse to reveal a hint or skip a puzzle and there have been puzzles that have taken me over a day to figure out. For the tricky ones, I like to sleep on it so I can have fresh eyes the next day instead of trying different things with essentially the same wrong approach. I really love the variety of problem-solving involved in the games.

That said, I haven’t tried the two new games mentioned in this article and so I am unfamiliar with this new type of gameplay. From what I gather, the games are essentially still free except when you want to progress more quickly in the game or need to use a lot more hints. I don’t see anything wrong with that and the company has explained their side pretty well. Having a reason to stop playing these addictive games is actually a good thing because I tend to get lost in playing them for hours on end. Besides, I think the quality and storyline of these games are topnotch considering it’s free and I would honestly pay for these games if they weren’t.

So I’d like to give a shoutout to Andrew and the rest of the Haiku team for doing such a great job with these games. I am sure you are not money-grubbing, bottom-feeding developers as one guy claims. Besides, I strongly believe that people should get paid for what they do especially if they do it well. You have my and so many people’s support. Keep up the great work!



1/10/2019 06:47:16 am

I have just recently got hooked on the Haiku games. I absolutely love the story lines and can’t wait to see what comes next.

With this new update I really enjoyed that two games came out at once. I’m a player who gets stuck then needs to walk away and come back. I was a little sad by the whole key system but I completely understand it. You offer an incredible game for free. It did bug me that I would finish two chapters and then have to wait the three hours for a new key and by the time I completed the next chapter I was still waiting on a key. I would hope for maybe a little longer chapters but I’m really being nit picky and just want more. That being said I did buy a few keys because I didn’t want to wait. I would love maybe some side games you could play like maybe the different puzzles but hey that’s just a suggestion.

With my thoughts out there I just wanted to say thank you, love the games, and best of luck can’t wait for the next stories!



1/11/2019 08:52:04 am

I love all of your games and I think the key method is brilliant I really enjoy all of your challenges within the games and hope to see more thank you


1/11/2019 02:49:04 pm

Hey gang,
You shouldn't feel you have to respond to every malcontent out there. Some people expect everything for nothing. Obviously a lot of work goes into your games and I hope you make plenty of money on them so you continue for a long long time. Thanks!


Ahmed Raafat

1/12/2019 10:26:50 pm

Thanks for your beautiful games and ideas



1/16/2019 12:02:08 am

Haiku games are really interesting!Awesome graphics and great story lines! I was wondering if is there any other way to replay the trap maker and cursed crown series? It'll be a pity if the games can be only played once.



1/16/2019 03:43:32 pm

Love it! Don't worry about defending yourselves! We appreciate the care you put into your games and I want to give you guys money so I don't mind the key system. It also helps with pacing. Also Kate and Murphy should f*ck! Thank you!



1/17/2019 07:40:22 pm

Agree with everything except that Kate and Murphy should hook up. Tbh she is wayyyyyy above his playing field! He’s kind of a moron. Comedic relief when we need it. Definitely not the love interest we want!



1/17/2019 07:37:24 pm

These are by far my favorite “escape” games. I have played all of them...some of them even two or three times. Personally, I kinda love the key system. My only problem with these games is that I would stay up for hours trying to beat it. Once I did...that was it. I had already played the other games and nothing else really compares. The key system helps pace it out for me...and honestly..since the puzzles are much more challenging now, the key system forces a break right when I need it....and if I don’t need it, I’m not above buying keys! Can’t wait for the new releases!


Vershori Garland

1/23/2019 11:03:48 pm

Hi, I’ve been trying to play the Mysteries game for the last 2 hours and the game won’t load. Never had this problem before. Just wanted to know if there’s a glitch or something else going on right now? Thanks



1/24/2019 01:09:46 pm

I’m having a problem with the poison. I got all the other supplies, finished everything else that had to be done and there’s no poison. I can’t go any further. I’ve tapped absolutely everything and no poison. I don’t know if I did it in the wrong order but that shouldn’t matter.



2/12/2019 08:39:50 am

Hi! Since I love your games, I would love to know when are you going to release another Game or where are you going to post about it.
PS. I love your games!!


Mirza Kashif

2/12/2019 01:16:25 pm

Please just tell me when will trapmaker 2 come out??
I really love this game



2/22/2019 10:03:28 am

Ik wil mijn mailadres veranderen. Hoe?


Big G

2/24/2019 08:28:44 pm

I am addicted to your games! I have done them all at least once some twice and a couple of them 3 times! I don't like other developers and would rather replay your games. I can't wait for more to be released!!!!! Thanks for the great teamwork!



3/8/2019 03:37:27 am

I love haiku games!! I have finished them all.. including the 2 new ones.. I really appreciate your games and even advise others to play.. don't mind the key system.. because honestly... I can't put my phone down once I've started.. with the key system, I am able to take a break and still do other important things...

So in a way, thanks for helping me still maintain my personal and gaming life balanced...



3/13/2019 08:39:57 pm

Love the Adventure Escape Mysteries! Any news when the other two will be available?


McNeill Kathryn

3/26/2019 02:27:20 pm

But when are the 2 new games coming out? You’ve had us hanging for months now.......


4/2/2019 09:42:15 pm

That is very fascinating, You're an overly skilled blogger. I’ve joined your feed and stay up for in the hunt for extra of your excellent post. Also, I have shared your site in my social networks



4/10/2019 09:50:38 pm

These are amazing games. Ran across them a year back and I have played them all. I like the key system because it makes me have to wait, just like watching a tv series. I thought it was a little weird at first but now I see that it just made me play the game longer. Because I couldn’t just sit there and run through it. Made it more suspenseful. Great work



5/5/2019 05:45:23 am

Haiku games are truly amazing, definitely my favourite in the genre. I often thought how generous you guys were and wondered if you made any money at all. The key system system is just fine, no need to explain or justify it. Out of all developers you are one of the very few I don't mind paying. Keep up the good job and I can't wait for the next adventure!



5/6/2019 03:18:09 am

Hi... I have finished playing all your games..all your games are very addictive and fantabulous.. May I know when you ll release trap maker 3???? Eagerly waiting for that.. ☺☺


Mackenzie Fisher

5/9/2019 06:55:47 pm

Hi! I love your games. I have played all of them this month. I have been looking for good escape games because I played the escape room series. The fact that you have a story to go along with it makes it so much better. I just wanted to know when you will be adding the new story to your ae mysteries? I finished the 3 that are there, but I am so excited for the new one to come out.



5/13/2019 12:23:03 pm

Hello haiku gamers , I really enjoy playing your game . I recently started gaming ae mystery which is a lot interesting to me . I want to know when will the trapmaker next book will be release


Mackenzie Fisher

5/18/2019 10:55:58 am

I messaged them and they said in a few weeks that was about a week ago. They are going through the bugs.



5/30/2019 06:22:47 pm

Aw, I'm sad to hear you get such a negative respond. I love your games and I don't mind the new system. Sure 3 hours seem like a long time to wait, but it does help me to enjoy the game rather than rushing through it. Rather than skipping through the harder puzzles like I usually do (in favour of continuing the story), I spend the time to solve them. And it feels more rewarding!
I hope you'll launch the third chapter soon. I can't wait to know what will happen next. Kudos for your team!



6/2/2019 09:10:34 am

I love haiku games but regulating how long people play in a day is none of your business. We'd enjoy it more? You don't know that. It's highly frustrating. I get to play on the weekends when I'm off work and look forward to playing all day. It is extremely frustrating to have to wait for keys. Honestly are you really making more money? I rather pay for the app or watch a thousand ads. I really hope you are reconsidering the keys thing now that you've gotten all this feedback. Never heard of a game doing this. Let me play in peace please!


Kei Luna

6/4/2019 03:48:20 pm

I love your games and always look forward to new updates and more stories. I get through a level in about 45 minutes so I was a little discouraged with the key system but I understand that you need to be funded somehow. Hopefully more stories come out soon because I have finished all of them so far😆. Keep up the great work!


Karen Myers

6/12/2019 09:24:24 pm

I personally absolutely LOVE HAIKU GAMES!! somebody somewhere always has to have a complaint when things change. Don't know how adding keys makes you a greedy company, you could have charged to play from the very first game. I Love that your games from the beginning have been free. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Adding Keys made no impact on me & I can hardly wait for new games. You are the best game company & am sure 99% of people that play Haiku games would agree. Ignore the few, they are the greedy ones.


Clayton Fricker

6/19/2019 03:39:37 pm

Haiku Games are my personal favorite...I've played all of them and my only problem is I need more. Looking forward to the next one and I wouldnt care if I had to pay a few bucks....Sometimes I waited for the keys and other times I splurged and got one so I could keep the fun rolling.
The puzzles are very clever and make me feel very clever when I figure them out. Disappointed when I break down and use a hint (which I find tell me something im already on to) or watch a YouTube video for the solution.

Keep up the Great Work!!!!



7/11/2019 06:26:35 pm

Perhaps instead of key system, might be better putting down a donation/appreciation button. Waiting 3 hours for 1 key just to play less than 1 hour is a hassle. Worse, we have to endure video ads before starting the chapter. Most of us are getting turn off by this system and the 3 hours wait will only push us to other games that don't require any waiting. When we finally get the pathetic 2 keys, we have already forgotten the previous chapter plot.


8/6/2019 11:05:05 am

my cursed crown game is stuck at the end of level six, dragon has the necklace , i didnt get a star to end the game im sure i completed all the steps here ! even watched the video help !!!!!



9/26/2019 10:42:38 am

When is the High seas adventure going to be released? I have enjoyed and completed all the others..



3/15/2020 08:42:35 pm

I'm sorry to hear people are leaving bad reviews. I played these games when they was first released and I think the newish key idea is fantastic. Yes it would be good with a few more than just the two keys. BUT the wait between gives the game a better edge and makes you want to finish it more. Hope you continue with your awesome games it's a pleasure playing them ♡


Emily Yu

4/6/2020 08:03:48 pm

I LOVE your games. I consistently check to see if there are new games coming out. The best out there!



5/1/2020 09:54:54 am

I love all Adventure Escape games and happily will pay to avoid ads or get more keys. My only qualm is those that do pay to get 10 keys no longer get the additional keys every few hours. I don't think that is very fair. I know it's meant to encourage spreading out game play but in a way, it's punishing your big users by having them continue to pay money while those that play once in a while and then lose interest stop playing altogether. Shouldn't the keys update for everyone and not just when you dip below the 2-key threshold?



6/12/2020 02:11:40 am

Hi,I love all of ur games especially the covanent is my favourite but I wanted to ask that if I restart a chapter suppose trap maker 3 then do I need the keys again to unlock levels or not?
Plz tell me


11/8/2020 03:58:14 am

Hi I like very much your games ;).

I am from Switzerland and I am a game designer for my company of real escape rooms ;).

I am looking for a web company interested about developing my digital games on scenario I would create.

If you are interested have a look on my website and facebook page : HouseTrap Bulle or TripAdvisor. We are one of the best escape room in Switzerland with lot of immersion 🍀 My passion is create :).

Write me on my email if you are interested. I definitely like your style and think it could match with my project and be winwin :).



12/14/2020 03:12:23 am

I love it! I'm so glad there is a collection of mysteries to solve. I don't think there is a single Haiku game that I wasn't impressed by. Please make more!!!



12/22/2020 12:07:17 pm

I LOVE Haiku Games! There is something about them that just scratches my itch! Really well made and thought out, fun character dynamics, female and POC protagonists, a rich and varied assortment of adventures to choose from. It’s always changing enough that it keeps things interesting, but not so much that it doesn’t stick to what always essentially makes your games great. I have played every single one of your games and love them so so much.

I’m a mom with three little kids, and I play your games to relax. I love that there aren’t time limits, and with the exception of the boss at the end of the teens on a camping trip game, there aren’t things that you have to do over and over again and stress about getting the timing just right. (I hated that ending! I hope you don’t add more of those elements to your game.)

Like you and others have said, I try to look at it from the POV that I am receiving ad-free FREE entertainment. And when you look at the hours of gameplay and the quality of it, especially compared to other games, if you want to optionally buy $10 of stars or whatever, that seems like a totally fair trade.

Keep up the amazing work! Your games have helped me stay happy and sane while being trapped in a pandemic lockdown with three insane children. ❤️



3/14/2021 09:54:00 am

I love and have played every haiku game you’ve put out! The key system doesn’t bother me at all. It spaces me so I can enjoy the game for longer. The ending of trapmaker 3 left us on a cliff hanger. Will there be a trapmaker 4? Thanks for an awesome game! Keep up the fantastic work. 😊


Wendy Wieschowski

5/12/2021 02:48:34 pm

I have enjoyed your games for the past fourteen years. I've changed my email a lot over these years. So I don't mind it at all that you have made changes in games, graphics, storylines, and fixing bug's that occur. Look that one post that accused Haiku Games of being money grubbing. Well their are people that just have a "I don't care attitude" and expect everything to be given to them because they read the word free. Anyone and everyone that has been with you for many years. We understand that you have made a lot of sacrifices over the years. Keep up the great job and all the hard work you put into the amazing games you make. Your games are awesome. So I give ten stars to each of you and everyone involved in making the games. "The Haiku Games Team you all rock !!!"


7/1/2021 10:28:42 am

I think that the time for the keys should be more closer to 1- 1:30 because it takes me no more then 30 minutes to do a chapter.



8/4/2021 10:31:00 pm

Will there be a trapmaker 4? It is my favorite series and I have played them a multiple of times and wishing a 4 would be released. I love your games and only pla y your games.



11/24/2021 10:48:40 am

I am new at this game and I found it so amazing! I love it!
I have an idea that can help the growth of your game. you can add an option to invite our friends and get more keys from that, like 3-5 keys/friend that will spread your game more and more in my opinion
Other idea is to increase the limit of the keys to 3-5 or at least you can give as an option that we can pay for more space
And I find the time between each key is too long as I solve an advanced level chapter in less than 30 minutes which makes the experience too short for me and the amount of time to wait is too long
I like your game so I hope you read and find my idea beneficial for you :)


12/29/2021 05:18:43 pm

You mention folks going to the movies; spending money for entertainment. I’m disabled and receive very little each month in SS. I have not been to a movie in 15 years…I cannot afford it. My bills always come first. My first gift of an iPad opened up my world. But, I still cannot pay, now because of a huge rent raise, the $5.99 charged for most HOG. Your games (the two free ones) looked interesting, so I will check them out. But, please realize that lots of people are living below the poverty level. I did not ask to become disabled. I took great pride In being a Firefighter/MT. I loved helping others. But that is not my life now….I do what I can. Please remember us ‘little people…I’m 69 years old “


Dani Byers

4/30/2022 12:08:51 pm

Will there be a Trapmaker 4?


4/28/2023 07:34:49 pm

It's beautifully written and informative.



11/18/2023 06:47:00 am

I absolutely love your AE Mystery games and my brother and I have even started competing against each other on who can find the most clues and who can finish each case faster. When we aren't competing against each other I also play while I have downtime between clients. My only request is please keep the mysteries coming and I will continue completing each case. Thank you for hours of fun mystery solving entertainment and please keep up the amazing work.





1/11/2024 02:40:07 am

I would say that the key limit is okay, 3 might be better, but having a key limit does mean that I can savour the games, I dont burn through them in one sitting, and it means I dont spend my whole time sat at the computer, I can play a couple of chapters then spend some time in the "Real world"! Great games and enjoyable!


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